Do you have questions about hiring a CPA or bookkeeping service? We have answers!

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What if my business is very small, such as just myself or 1 or 2 employees?

Our entire client base is made up of small businesses. In fact, as many as half of our clients have a single person (the owner) up to 5 employees.

Why would I consider an accountant for my small business with all the bookkeeping software available?

Bookkeeping software is a great way to keep track of your income and expenses. We are fully integrated with Quickbooks, Xero and other programs. However, these programs do not provide the compliance and strategy that an accountant will.

Aren’t CPAs and accountants expensive?

They certainly can be, however, because we specialize in small business and nothing else, we can offer services surprisingly affordable. Most new clients are very pleased with our flat rates and wish they had contacted us much sooner.

What is “Head of Household” and do I qualify?

Head of household tax filing status is available for unmarried taxpayers and certain separated taxpayers who provide a home for a qualifying person, such as a child or a parent. The head of household rules are fairly specific, so if you think you might qualify please ask for a review of your situation.

Is there anything wrong with getting a big income tax refund every year?

Yes, it means you're giving the IRS an interest-free loan when you could have the use of that money during the year to invest for yourself.