We are a Small Business Accounting Firm in Columbia SC

Having a quality accountant is a cornerstone for every business’s success. Accurate books are essential for reporting, tax compliance, payroll, qualifying for loans, and making other business decisions. Outsourcing accounting services is a great way to receive the benefit of professionals without the cost of hiring full-time talent.

Marshall & Associates is an experienced accounting firm offering a full suite of bookkeeping services for businesses, freelancers, non-profits, and other organizations in Columbia, South Carolina.  Our team of experienced CPAs and staff make life easier for our clients by giving them confidence in their financial information.

With our firm’s help, clients can dedicate more of their energy to what matters –operating their business and growing their profits.

We Customize our Accounting Services Based on Your Business Needs

Our firm understands each business will have different accounting needs depending on its size, industry, and other circumstances. Generally, our accountants provide the following services that we customize to fit the exact needs of each client’s business:

General ledger review

All bookkeeping begins with a general ledger – a record of all the business’s transactions. An accurate general ledger is necessary to ensure the quality of other financial documents. We provide a monthly review of the general ledger and correct any issues like double-billings or unrecorded transactions.

Income statements

We produce periodic income statements of a business’s profits and losses. Income statements can identify budget issues, track revenues, and assess potential tax liability for making estimated payments.

Financial reporting

financial reportingWe prepare all other common documents necessary to understand the financial health of a business. Common financial reporting products include annual reports, cash flow statements, and balance sheets.

E-commerce accounting

Much of today’s business happens over the internet, which causes a host of additional accounting needs. We help clients with their sales and use tax calculations and inventory management. We also integrate books with our clients’ CRM systems and analyze sales with third-party transaction sites, like PayPal and eBay, for consistency.

Government and tax compliance

tax form 1120As part of our review and financial reporting, we monitor for compliance with government and tax regulations. Regulatory compliance can lower the risk of audits and prevent other costly issues. We stay informed of the latest developments from regulatory bodies like the IRS and advise our clients accordingly. As CPAs we have Unlimited Representation Rights before the IRS. That means our credentials allow us to represent clients should situations such as an audit, payment/collection issue, or appeal arise.

Small Business Consulting

Part of the value of working with a quality accountant is having reliable data to make informed business decisions. We help clients understand the financial implications of  entity selection, capital expenditures, pricing models, and other important financial decisions for growing companies.

QuickBooks support

Many small businesses rely on QuickBooks and other software to maintain their ledgers and other financial documents. Unfortunately, many do not properly set up or use their software to maximize their benefit. We help clients with installation and support for key uses such as Payroll, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.

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Our accounting firm is passionate about our clients. The small businesses that make Columbia, South Carolina a special place to live and work are what keeps us going. We value the trust they place in us to manage their books and be a year-round resource for their accounting needs. If you’re looking for a professional accounting firm in Columbia SC, please contact our office to learn how we can add value to your business.