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Starting a small business is hard

A local Certified Public Accountant (CPA) can help.

As a small business owner, you handle many of your own day-to-day responsibilities. Whether it is customer relations, human resources, financial planning, or marketing strategies, you wear several hats and juggle multiple projects.

Deciding which responsibilities to outsource can be tricky - particularly when first starting your business. You built your company. You know it inside and out. Delegating responsibilities can be an unnerving decision.

While many of these daily tasks can and will be handled internally, there are instances when a CPA's guidance can help you make important financial decisions while freeing up manpower for other projects.

At Marshall & Associates, a CPA firm in Columbia, SC, we know that you have a lot to do and only so much time to do it.

Why Marshall & Associates?

We are more than just seasonal tax preparers.

We handle a variety of tasks where using a Certified Public Accountant is advisable, such as business and risk management consulting, bookkeeping services, preparation of financial documentation, payroll services, compliance, and business establishment.

More importantly, we serve you more than just a few months out of the year. We provide year-round services to ensure ongoing compliance and financial health.

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Our CPA Services

We provide bookkeeping services ranging from financial reporting to eCommerce services, and we interpret that data to advise you on future business decisions.

Our experts specialize in tax planning and preparation for both individuals and businesses in SC. We identify tax-compliant strategies that save you money.

Processing payroll requires several considerations, like wage garnishments, payroll history, and filing taxes. We can help you streamline these processes.

We work hard to keep you compliant, and as a Columbia CPA firm, we own unlimited representation rights and can represent you in audit matters.

Choosing the best entity for your business is not an easy endeavor. Let us help you factor in the appropriate considerations before deciding.

Our Mission as CPAs in Columbia

We want our small businesses to succeed.

We are passionate about Columbia and its small businesses. We want to see our city thrive, and that starts with you. Small businesses are an integral part of not just our economy, but also our community and culture.

We provide you with top-notch service to help grow Columbia and its surrounding areas.

  • Quality

    We demand as much of ourselves as you do of your business. Our standards are set extremely high, and we put in the necessary effort to ensure you are receiving the results you deserve.

  • Accessibility

    While working with us, you will have access to our entire team of CPAs in Columbia, SC. A Marshall & Associates professional is always available to provide advice and field questions or concerns.

  • Product Delivery

    We deliver what we promise. We will work with you to ensure we are meeting your expectations and provide you with the desired final product.

  • Legality

    All our services are by the book and compliant with Federal and SC laws. We do not cut corners that can expose you or your company to unnecessary IRS scrutiny.

Let's work together to keep Columbia a great place to work and live.
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